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2006 Zoning Proposal being considered for Legislative Rezone

In 2006, while the neighborhood was revising the Neighborhood Plan, the neighbors also proposed rezoning that made sense for the neighborhood. Many things were considered: historic preservation, consistency of building heights, population density requirements, light rail coming to the neighborhood and more. The rezone proposal was vetted heavily with the Roosevelt community. People were pleased with the plan and expected the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association to move forward. And we did. Since then we have addressed more than one Mayor and the City Council multiple times to move on this. Now with budget cutbacks the City is taking our proposal even less seriously. And this is especially difficult now because a developer in the neighborhood wants to put up a 12-story building under a “contract rezone”. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything to sway City Council about the contract rezone; the effort cannot be discussed outside chambers. However, if we focus on getting the City Council to push through our proposal as a Legislative Rezone, we will know that the community has been heard.

When you write your council members about this, DO NOT mention the contract rezone; doing so will nullify your comments. Focus on your desire to have the City following through on the request to have the 2006 Roosevelt Neighborhood Association Zoning Proposal adopted as a Legislative Rezone.

12-story Building Proposed for “Fruitstand Block” (at NE 65th & 15th Ave NE)

You must have heard by now that the Roosevelt Development Group (RDG) has proposed building a 12+ story building on the corner of 65th & 15th, otherwise referred to “the Fruitstand block” or “the veggie block”. In order to get approval to build that high, the City Department of Planning and Development (DPD) must approve a Contract Rezone. You can bet that the RDG is lobbying whoever they can to get support for their request. We must stay involved. And our message must be clear: the neighborhood has proposed zoning (see above) that satistfactorily meets the need for density and is well vetted with what our neighbood believes is welcoming.

Neighborhood Design Guidelines update to include Sustainability practices

The Roosevelt Sustainability Group (RSG) is seeking to improve our neighborhood Design Review Guidelines to include the improvements proposed by the City for Citywide Sustainability improvements. Read more … Proposed Addendum to the 10/15/2000 Roosevelt Urban Village Design Guidelines

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